</br>Fishing and fishing license

Fishing and fishing license

The area houses several of the county's richest fishing lakes. Large pike and perch are coveted prey.


There are many lakes suitable for swimming in Svartådalen. Everything from hidden forest ponds to those with organized beaches.


In Svartådalen, you'll find several different types of accommodations. Here you can stay in a cabin or a nice Bed & Breakfast, in hostels or feel adventurous in a barn.
</br>Inspirationsdag </br>den 26 augusti

den 26 augusti

UPPIS-projektet bjuder in till en inspirationsdag den 26 augusti i Nickebo skola, Karbenning.
</br>Svarta Maran 2014

Svarta Maran 2014

Saturday 20 September

Svarta Maran (ca 25 km)
Brunnsrundan (8 km)
</br>Kom till Gården 2 August 2014

Kom till Gården 2 August 2014

Welcome to visit 8 farms in Svartådalen, that opens up for one day for visitors. Try locally produces cheese, look at horse shows, get inspired of the display garden or se how the life on a regular farm is lived. Follow the link from the title for more info.
</br>Bird Watching

Bird Watching

Svartådalen (The Black River Valley) is known for its birdlife. Here you will find local guides that takes you on bird watching safaris and photo trips. For more information, follow the link from the title.